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Ingredients: Ethanol, T-butyl alcohol, Denatonium Benzoate, Fragrance Oil

How to apply:

  • Cleanse your skin and pores -In order to let the cologne’s scent stand out, your skin should be clean and free of any other fragrances that might compete with it.
  • Moisturize - Your skin will absorb the molecule of the cologne best if it is properly hydrated. Therefore applying a nice moisturizer and body lotion (ideally ones that are well-matched to the cologne) will help achieve this.
  • Hold the spray 3-6 inches away from your body - The correct distance is important – too close risks overapplication, too far, and you’ll barely hit your body.
  • Apply to your ‘pulse points’ - These are your neck, wrists, and ears. They are the warmest areas of your body and will hold the scent most effectively. But choose just one of these to begin with, because you need to…
  • Start slow - Just one or two sprays will do to start.
  • Let it settle - The scent needs time to evaporate and make itself felt. So give it at least half an hour before assessing the situation. Then…
  • Reapply if needed - There’s a fine line between under and over-spraying. Now you’ve let your cologne settle; you can give yourself another couple of sprays if you feel the scent isn’t spreading or sticking how you like.
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